Life List

What is a Life List?

A Life List is a Bucket List with a goal of being completed by a certain date, not by the time of your death. I got the Idea from Danny Dover at He has a great site and is well on his way to completing his list. 

By organizing your goals in a list, it motivates you to achieve your dreams. When you publish them publicly it holds you accountable for finishing them.

The original “Life Lister” was a man named John Goddard. He was a true adventurer and explorer who was born in 1924. When he was just 15 years old he wrote down 127 Goals of everything he wanted to accomplish in life. He died in 2013 without finishing his entire list, but he lived an incredible life. 

When I decided to travel the world, I wrote down 127 Goals I wanted to accomplish. I gave myself a little over a year with a completion date of June 5, 2018. My list is quite ambitious, and possibly unrealistic to complete within a year. However, I enjoy the challenge and even if I don’t finish everything, the journey will be unforgettable.  

My Life List: 127 Goals in one year


[   ] Visit all 7 continents and the Arctic

  1. [X] Asia
  2. [X] North America
  3. [   ] South America
  4. [   ] Australia
  5. [X] Europe
  6. [   ] Antarctica
  7. [   ] Africa
  8. [   ] Arctic

[   ] Summit a high elevation Mountain (5000 Meters at least)

[   ] Explore the Amazon Jungle

[X] Learn to fly a plane

[   ] Live alone in the Wilderness for a week 

[X] Stay in a monastery to learn from the monks

[X] Learn to Scuba Dive

[   ] Drive a Supercar

[   ] Cliff Jump at 5 different locations

  1. [X] Algarve, Portugal
  2. [X] Great Falls, USA
  3. [X] Black Hills, South Dakota, USA
  4. [X] Nha Phrang, Vietnam

[   ] Swim with Sharks

[X] Witness a solar Eclipse

[X] Get a Sak Yant Tattoo from a monk in Thailand

[X] Take a Great American cross country road trip

[   ] Read a work by [   ] Shakespeare,[   ] Plato, [   ] Aristotle, [   ] Dickens, [   ] Hemingway, [   ] Twain, [   ] Tolstoy, [   ] Poe, [   ] Bacon and [   ] Emerson.

[   ] Take photo trophies of the “Big 5” African Animals in the Wild

[   ] Fly First Class

[X] Stay in a Five star hotel

[X] Go Dog Sledding

[X] White water rafting

[   ] Skydive

[   ] Explore the deep in a submarine

[X] See a Broadway show

[X] Become an Ordained Minister

[X] Fly a Helicopter

[   ] Send a message in a bottle

[   ] Race a car

[   ] Volunteer to help an impoverished community 

[   ] Explore an Active Volcano with Lava

[   ] See a whale in the Wild

[X] Go underground and explore a Cave

[X] Learn to surf

[X] Pet an elephant

[   ] Eat 10 Exotic or Taboo foods

  1. [X] Escargot
  2. [   ] Balut
  3. [X] Durian
  4. [X] Hakarl (Icelandic fermented shark)
  5. [X] Fugu (Poisonous Blowfish)
  6. [X] Toro (Bluefin Tuna)
  7. [X] Basashi (Horse liver sushi)
  8. [X] Bamboo Worms
  9. [X] Ostrich Steak

[   ] Be a guest in an ice hotel

[X] Have my palm read by a Psychic

[X] Experience a Japanese tea ceremony

[X] Walk on a glacier

[   ] See and touch an Iceberg

[X] Rock climb

[   ] Hike the Australian Outback

[X] Bury a time capsule for someone in the future to find

[X] Sleep alone in the Rainforest

[   ] Tackle an eating challenge

[   ] Float In the Dead sea

[   ] Perform 30 pull-ups at once

[   ] Work aboard a ship as a seaman

[   ] See the Great Amazon River

[   ] See the Great Nile River

[X] See the Great Mississippi River

[X] See the Colorado river

[X] Learn to fence

[X] Learn Jujitsu

[   ] Fight in an MMA competition

[   ] Watch a movie at a drive in theater

[X] Eat at a Michelin Star restaurant

[   ] Conduct a scientific study, write an article and submit it to a Journal for publishing.

[X] Pet a tiger

[   ] Catch and eat a lobster on the beach

[   ] Find an alligator in the Florida Everglades

[   ] Catch a Salmon

[X] Start a fire with no technology

[X] Hike part of the Appalachian Trail

[X] Invent and patent something useful

[   ] Solve a Rubik’s cube

[X] Learn to meditate

[   ] See the dunes of the Sahara desert

[X] Experience the stars from the middle of nowhere

[   ] See the holy city of Jerusalem

[X] Gamble in Las Vegas

[   ] See the mountains of Patagonia

[X] Explore the temples of Angkor Wat

[X] See the Great Lakes of America



[X] Graduate from University

[   ] Create a piece of Art and sell it

[   ] Train to and Complete the Yoga Scorpion Pose

[X] Start a company that turns a profit

[   ] Write and publish a book

[   ] Run and complete a marathon

[   ] Become Fluent in two languages

[   ] Learn an Instrument and perform it in the street



[   ] Monaco Grand Prix

[   ] Experience the World Cup

[   ] Go to the Olympics (Japan, 2020)

[   ] Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

[   ] Thailand Full Moon Party

[   ] Oktoberfest in Germany

[   ] Bull Running or Tomatina festival in Spain

[   ] The Holi festival in India



[   ] Machu Picchu

[   ] The Great Wall of China

[X] The Louvre Museum and the Mona Lisa

[   ] Taj Mahal

[   ] Great Pyramids of Egypt

[X] Aurora Borealis

[X] Grand Canyon

[X] The Great Sequoia trees of California

[X] Eiffel Tower

[X] The Roman Colosseum

[X] Niagara Falls

[   ] Victoria Falls

[X] The Alps

[   ] The Himalayas

[   ] Mt Everest Base Camp

[X] Blue Lagoon

[   ] Taj Mahal

[   ] Stonehenge

[X] Mount Rushmore

[X] Empire State Building

[   ] Golden Gate Bridge

[   ] Great Barrier Reef

[   ] Yellowstone National Park

[   ] Galapagos Islands



[X] Vatican City ( I know it’s a country)

[X] Washington DC, USA

[X] New York City, USA

[X] Paris, France

[X] Tokyo, Japan

[X] London, UK

[   ] Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

[   ] Barcelona, Spain

[X] Rome, Italy

[   ] Sydney, Australia

[   ] Istanbul, Turkey

[   ] Dubai, UAE

[X] Bangkok, Thailand

[   ] Kyoto, Japan