The Coolest New Ultralight and Minimalist Travel Gear

I myself am a very minimalist traveler. I carry only what I need; usually. But with all the exciting new products coming out on the market, sometimes its hard to resist. It’s up to you what you carry on each trip, and depending on your needs and circumstances the extra weight might be worth it.

I put together a quick list of the coolest travel gear to appear in the last few years. As I find new gear worth sharing, I’ll add them to the list. 

1. Sea to Summit Inflatable neck pillow

As I get older, I find myself going the extra mile for a little extra comfort. When I backpacked southeast Asia, I think I took 9 flights in a little more than a month. Having a neck pillow helps make those plane rides easier. I love sea to summit brand. They are high quality, ultralight travel products. Keeping with the minimalist idea, this neck pillow is inflatable and packs down smaller than your fist. It’s definitely worth the space it takes in your bag. 

2. Keychain Lighter

For some reason, I feel the need to have the ability to make fire no matter what. It’s probably a result of my time in the boy scouts, but I feel if I have fire i’ll be able to survive almost any situation. For that reason, I always used to carry emergency matches in my bag. Recently I found one of these at a gun show. It’s a super small keychain lighter that lets me bring the ability to make fire, anywhere. I’ve never been stopped by TSA for carrying it, and it’s super small and light. I’m not sure which brand makes the unit I have, but multiple companies make decent versions. 

3. Anker Portable Power Bank

This particular product, I have a love-hate relationship with. Why? The weight. It’s freaking heavy. This 20100mah battery, charges my phone (Galaxy S8) about 5 times. With how much we rely on our phones for navigation, communication etc. It’s great peace of mind. 

I once had my battery die while riding a motorcycle in the Vietnamese highlands.  It was dark and in the middle of nowhere.

Now, with T-Mobile, I still had phone service, just no battery power. I ended up finding the only electronics store in Vietnam (or so it seemed) and bought a new Samsung battery just to have enough power to navigate to a hotel. If I had this power bank back then it would’ve been a much more stress-free evening. 

4. DJI Spark

A drone is something that I’ve wanted for a long time, just because they are so cool. The number one brand in the drone game is DJI. The DJI Spark is one of their smallest drones available. (They just came out with the Mavic Air, which is comparable) It comes with a plastic/foam travel case that’s about 9 inches square and fits in my bag nicely. It is also very light.

The DJI spark is controlled by any smartphone and is insanely cool. You can use it while traveling to get great aerial shots, especially in outdoor destinations like Iceland. The battery lasts about 16 mins and can be recharged by USB, from a wall outlet or power bank. 

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